top 5 british literary awards in the 20th century

Topics: Literature, Duff Cooper, Duff Cooper Prize Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: November 30, 2014

1. The Hawthornden Prize
- established in 1919 by Alice Warrender for authors under 41 about the quality of their "imaginative literature" written in either poetry or prose. - funded by a trust bequeathed by her
-its prize is modest (100 pounds in 1936, 2000 pounds in 1995) - winners: Emily Berry- Dear Boy (2014) , Jamie McKendrick- Out there( 2013) , Ail Smith- There but for the (2012) 2. The James Tait Black Memorial Prize

-along with the Hawthornden Prize are Britain's oldest literary awards - founded in 1919 by Mrs. Janet Coats Black in memory of her late husband- James Tait Black, a partner in the publishing house of A & C Black Ltd. - only those works of fiction and biography written in English and first published in Britain in the 12 month before the submission date are eligible for the award. -the winners are chosen by the Professor of English Literature at the University. - in 2012, a third prize category was announced for Drama

- winners : Padgett Powell- You and me (2011), Alan Warner- The Deadman's Pedal (2012), Jim Crave- Havest( 2013) 3. The John Llewellyn Rhys Prize
- awarded annually for the best work of literature ( fiction, non- fiction, poetry, drama) by an author from the Commonwealth aged 35 or under, written in English and published in the UK - is the second oldest literary award in the UK

- initiated in 1942 by Jane Oliver in memory of her husband John Llewellyn Rhys who was killed while serving as a bomber pilot in the Royal Air Force - from 1987 to 2003 the prize was funded by the Mail on Sunday - since 2010 the award had been suspended because of funding problems. - winners: Amy Sackville- The still point (2010)

4. The Duff Cooper prize
-awarded annually for the best work of history, biography, political science or poetry, published in English or French. -founded to honor Duff Cooper- a British diplomat, Cabinet member and acclaimed author. - first awarded...
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