Top 3 Consumer Products

Topics: Telephone, Mobile phone, Computer security Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 8, 2014
Wil Lavender
Mrs. Jiles-Davis
English 1101/ Project 2
February 20, 2014
The Top 3 Consumer Products
The 70’s show Star Trek has shown us what a future of warp drive, fast computers, and transporters can do for humanity. In the future, with a command from the captain’s chair, we also saw how people who are light-years away could connect in a manner of minutes. In the past 25 years, technology of today has greatly advanced in some many areas to include but not limited to the areas of health care, research, and transportation. Even though we are decades away from a world of Star Trek, let’s take a look at three consumer products that have made our lives a little easier in just a short period of 25 years.

First up computers originally used to solve complex mathematical equations, now used in everyday purpose in today’s society. Computers when first introduced were the size of a whole room, now they are small, portable, and fast. Computers have helped solve many medical issues to include the mapping of the DNA and helping doctors solve complex medical mysteries, which would have not been possible 25 years ago. Computers now have better processors that help the avid video gamer play realistic video games. Computers also allow business located in different parts of the world to connect via teleconference.

Younger people today would not remember pay phones, posted on almost every street corner and service station; however, they have all but faded away with our next invention the smart phone. These small portable devices, sometimes powerful than a computer, allow us to do things that we could only daydream about as kids. Smart phones allow us to make phone calls to friends and relatives that live far away. With your device, you can pay your bills, transfer money, Skype, and browse the web. Smart phones can also allow 911 operators in cases of emergency to track your location via GPS. Smart phones have also allowed the merger of portable video games and portable...
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