Top 10 Greatest Leaders of all Time

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Top 10 Greatest Leaders of all Time

Leadership is something that people are born with. It is an inherent charm and it doesn’t hide even if you want to hide it. There is a leader amongst us and he or she is the one that leads other people to great things by inspiring and motivating people to do good deeds. Leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. This way a leader can decide what work goes in and goes out. Good leaders in history have left a mark in walks of life. But great leaders, they’re different. Great leaders have the ability to make each and every individual re-think their life decisions and choices by merely living by good principles.

A leader cannot preach kindness and be unkind. A leader has to live by his words and practice what he preaches. Almost every great leader had some unique streak in them which made them different from the others. This is one reason why leadership cannot comply with or be understood wholly by its definitions. No matter who the leader is, there are some traits or qualities that are common to all. These traits are determination, patience, hard work, will, adaptation to change etc. These qualities make for a great leader. The following is a list of Top 10 Greatest Leaders of all Time –

10. Winston Churchill

The Right Honorable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was a prolific orator, a leader, a British statesman and he served as the Prime Minister of The Great Britain for two terms. He was born in 1874 in Marlborough, England. Since childhood, he was extremely smart but he was better known for his trouble-making antics. In 1887 he was accepted in the prestigious Harrow School where he learnt all the military tactics. He served as the Prime Minister of The Great Britain from 1940 to 1945, which is the most of World War 2 and again from 1951 to 1955. He was famously known for leading The United Kingdom into war against the German Nazis even when the general morale of the public was down. His excellent oratory skills and determination to win, fearlessness and his love towards his motherland is something that every great leader yearns for.

9. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte, nee Napoleon Buonaparte was a military leader who was famous for his risk taking abilities as a leader. He was born in an Italian noble family. He was educated at a military school and was the commander of the French army in Italy. He conquered almost all of Europe with his military might. But it was not an easy task to lead a military in those days as everyone’s minds were fickle and changed in a blink. He was of a short stature but of great deeds. He became the Emperor of France 1804 and continued his reign till 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte always dreamed big but achieved bigger. He lead the team instead of just asking them to move ahead and he knew how to manage his anger and time.

8. Che Guevara

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was born in Argentina in 1928 in a well-off family with aristocratic roots. He finished studying in a medical school in 1948. In 1952, he and his friend Alberto Granado decided to take a trip across Latin America on his motorbike. They voyaged across almost all of Latin America and saw the poverty and misery that was wide-spread. He traveled and met all kinds of people and decided that he needed to help them. He started a revolution in Cuba and went on to lead all of Latin America into a civil war. The special quality that Che had as a leader was his connection to the people. He talked to them and knew what they needed. He was extremely kind and helping and determinate. His motto still lives on today – Hasta la Victoria siempre. Until victory, always.

7. George Washington

George Washington was born in 1732 in Virginia. It is known that from age seven to fifteen, George was home schooled and studied with the local church sexton and later a...
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