Toothpaste: Swot Analysis and Colgate- Palmolive Company

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Political Factors: Political factors play a vital role for the business prevailing in the country. If the government is inactive then the company advances at a standard rate but the other way round, a drastic fall can be seen.

Economical Factors: Another imporatant external force that directly affects our decisions is the economic variation. If a country experiences inflation then it will have a negative impact on the businesses running in that country. So our product is directly influenced by this factor. Socio-cultural factors: The main forces affecting decisions about our product are the social and cultural factors. Before taking any decision we have to keep in mind the specific religious and cultural key factors for our survival in the industry because people will repel the product that their religion or culture do not prefer.

Technological factors: Technolgy is a factor whose value cannot be ignored. Technologies vary with the passage of time in all industries. We also make our techniques and methodologies up to date for keeping our product preferable in the market.

Micro: The micro environment consists of the factors close to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers_ the company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors and publics.


The strength of Colgate is as follows:-
• Qualified sales staff
• Strong financial backup
• Orange Gel:-
First time in the Pakistani market we are going to introduce the toothpaste with orange gel. It will provide you the maximum freshness in yours mouth through out the day. This will keep fighting against bacterial actions in yours mouth.

• Orange Crystals:-
This Colgate Orange includes orange crystals that provides instant freshness, cleanness, and great orange taste that helps yours teeth in removing plaque and stains while you brush yours teeth. • Maximum Protection:-

Colgate orange gel contains sodium fluoride that...
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