Topics: Supply chain management, Apple Inc., Supply chain Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: February 20, 2014
companies such as Novartis , Bayer AG , Pfizer , etc . Simultaneously , Apple Computers continuously invests million dollars in Research Development , Art Design and other technologies . Those investments and innovation spending effectively fit into Apple 's pricing strategy because the companies seeks particular identification in the eyes of consumers , which is achieved through incredible futuristic designs of Macintosh and iPod . Practically , many industry leaders utilize technology and innovations to certain extent in to remain competitive and cut costs of production . Wal-Mart Corporation practices outsourcing of cheap physical labor in developing countries to supply its stores with cheap products and thus to correspond to is slogan We sell for Less ' Particularly outsourcing of physical labor and low wages constitutes coupled with wise developing strategy constitute Wal-Mart 's pricing strategy , and to some extent it can be considered as technology application

If discussing pure technology utilization as basis for pricing strategy it is necessary to emphasize that no company had achieved such a great balance and insight as Dell Computers did . Dell 's award-winning customer service , industry-leading growth and consistently strong financial performance differentiate the company from competitors for the following reason : price for Performance - with the industry 's most efficient procurement , manufacturing and distribution process , Dell offers its customers powerful , richly configured systems at competitive prices . Simultaneously , Dell Computers introduces the latest relevant technology much more quickly than companies with slow-moving indirect distribution channels . Dell turns over inventory every six days on average , keeping related costs low . Technologically , Dell Computer takes inventory and supply chain management to the ultimate level and operates without warehouses entirely through trading inventory for information , reverse Logistics ,...
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