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This project titled ‘
Image Profile Analysis of Leading Brands of Tooth paste amongst consumers ‘is a study which seek to define the image of tooth paste brands in terms of 6 attributes , Healthy tooth & gums , Long lasting freshness ,Prevention of tooth decay ,Whiteness , Use of Natural herbs , Good foaming

A survey was conducted on 50 people living in and around the city to elicit their responses, on which the results and findings of this study are based. It tells the method used for data collected. It then gives the description of the sample based on various parameters as Gender, Age.  

1) To know about Brand awareness
2) To know about Brand preference.
3) To know about the product/alternatives which consumers
might prefer to brush their teeth other than a tooth paste. 4) To know about the factors that influence the consumers
decision to buy a particular brand of tooth paste.
5) To know about the attributes that consumers look for in a tooth paste brand , when he/she buys for himself/herself. 6) To know about the possible reasons that lead to brand
switch over.
7) Image profile analysis of important tooth paste brands.

To find out what are the preferences of people in buying a toothpaste and what are he method used by the company to keep the brand sustain in the market.

Brand positioning:
Positioning a brand in the consumer's mind is critical to brand success. In an age sameness, a brand must tout a variety of product or brand features and benefits, by drawing attention to them and promoting their value to the consumer. Brand image:

Brand image describes a products personality beyond its physical characteristics and positioning in building brand image. Like brand personality, Brand image is not something you have or you don't! A brand is unlikely to have one brand image, but several, though one or two may predominate. The key in brand image research is to identify or develop the most powerful images and reinforce them through subsequent brand communications. The term "brand image" gained popularity as evidence began to grow that the feelings and images associated with a brand were powerful purchase influencers, though brand recognition, recall and brand identity.

Administering a questionnaire on 50 customers residing collected the data in and around ambattur, to know about consumers preferences and perception regarding various aspects related a tooth paste such as factor which influence the consumers most when he bought tooth paste, attribute that he look for while buying a tooth paste, reasons for brands switch over etc. This data was then tabulated to make calculations on analysis, which from the basis of the results, and findings of the study. A copy of questionnaire is given in appendices

Sample size : 50
Sample profile: SUMMARY

1. Which Tooth paste do you like most?

Most liked tooth paste
* Close-up : 21
* Pepsodent : 8
* Colgate : 12
* Other : 9


The respondents were asked to list the name of Tooth Paste that they like most. After research it was found that 42% people like Close-up, 16% Pepsodent, 24% Colgate, Other 18%. The main reason behind the liking of Close-up is that the young generation mostly likes the advertisement featuring various models, flavours , colours and long lasting freshness.

2. Number of tooth pastes used by people in a month?

No of Tooth paste No of families|
1 13|...
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