Tooth and Claw

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Every character and their relationships between them in “Tooth and Claw” by T. Coraghessan Boyle, disguise themselves in many ways, both consciously and unconsciously, all for different purposes. The author introduces us to four major characters in this story that all interact with each other and have some sort of mask over themselves hiding their true identities and motives.

The main character James Turner Jr. has recently moved to California “So that I could inject a little excitement into my life and mingle with all the college students in the bars…” he lives by himself in an apartment which his aunt pays for even though he has a full time job. This apartment is extremely messy and unorganized. It seems to me that James is not living up to his full potential, he is running away and maybe even hiding from something the apartment is perfect example of just that. James has a full time job but was recently told to take some time off and now he does not know what to do with his free time. James is drawn to a bar named “Daggets,” “Daggets is the only place I feel comfortable. And Why? Precicely because it was filled with old men drinking themselves into oblivion. It made me think of home. Or feel at home, anyway.” James has moved halfway across the country to “Mingle with the college students” yet he frequently visits a bar that is surrounded with “old men.” He has been eyeing a waitress at “Daggets” named Daria, but “hadn’t worked up the nerve to say more than hello and good-bye to her.” “Daggets” may serve as another mask that James is hiding beneath, it reminds him of his father (who died sixth months earlier) and he can also relate to Daria because of how close in age they are.

A mysterious man enters the bar named “Ludwig” who begins to show falsehoods right from the start. He begins to flirt with Daria and orders two raw eggs from her, everyone believes he is going to eat them but he does not. After James has had a few

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