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Topics: Communication, Identity, Self Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Ashley Morrison Communication 200 Interpersonal Communication Professor Lacey Miller March 11th, 2011

“Communication is any process in which people share information, ideas, and feelings”, as stated in Communicating Effectively textbook. According to Webster, communication is “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common symbol.” (Miriam Webster; 2011). Communication is not only natural yet it is vital for everyday life. There are many different contexts and segments of communication. Including aspects that shape and form how each one of us communicate. Our culture and others have helped shape how we communicate. Obtaining communication tools start when we are first born and then are compiled together, to form how each person communicates. One of the biggest ingredients of ‘communication formula’ is self- concept and self -perception. Both self-concept and self –perception play a huge role in communication because it sets the pathway to how we think; and how we think is going to come out in some type of communication. The textbook refers the two as “foundations” for effective communication. Effective is the key word in that sentence; for most of us do not know how to communicate effectively because we are not fully aware of how far in depth communication can be. It is more than simply small talk at the dinner table. Continuing with self-concept and self –perception, first we must recognize what each are and how they intertwine together. “Self-concept is how you think and feel about yourself.” (Hybels,Weaver; (2007). Self-perception is defined in...

References: Hybels, S. & and Weaver, R.L., (2007). Communicating effectively (8th Ed.).
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