Tools and Strategies to Motivate Employees

Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Management Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Management consulting

16.5 Motivation and remuneration

Every organization aims to achieve certain and economies and social objective, but has limited resources at its disposal. It tries, therefore, to motivate its personnel towards the achievement of a range of goals. These may include societal organizational, group and individual goals. A HRM consultant may be requested to assist in determining what motivational tools and strategies should be used. This may concern, for example. • The important of the overall organizational climate (the psychological and the motivational environment of the organization). The underlying assumption is that this climate strongly affects the motivation of people at every level in the organization to work and to achieve. It is determined primarily by the people management practices of top and senior managerial staff, by the employment and working conditions, and by the encourage-ment given to individual and group invention, innovation, creativity and self-development: • The enrichment of job content, where, by changing the structure of the work to be preformed, the consultant endeavourers to assist in creating intrinsic job interest and increasing job satisfaction, and developing amore flexible and efficient workforce. There is evidence that increased team working, increased autonomy for teams and employee involvement generally have a positive motivation effect: • Reward systems, where the appropriate behavior is shaped as results of certain rewards, particularly financial and material ones. This requires a feedback system, so that the invective used ( is tied as directly as possible to actual individual or group performance. However, the role of non-financial rewards or incentives is important and must not be underestimated when trying to enhance staff motivation. These methods do not operate independently, but affect separate components of the motivational process...
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