too much or too useless

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Too Much or Too Useless?
Academies are essential to students so that they can go on to be successful in life. The question is what is needed to be learn and what is just useless information. Students learn information and then after a while the material disappears. Most data that students learn in the present will most likely be used in the future. The fact is that most material learned in schools will be possibly used in the future. Not only will material be used in school, but it can also be used in the exterior world. German poet Goethe, expressed his opinion by claiming that academies teach a large amount of material, but most of it is useless. Goethe isn’t right because much of the material taught in academies does in fact help students in the near future. Goethe' s argument on how schools teach students is refutable because multiple bit information is vital to students because it may help them later on. Opponents of the argument say that schools teach useless material in class. Students learn learn the data and decide It's not important anymore so students will forget about it. For example, people always argue that when in their lifetime or during school will they need to remember history. History is essential because it may help that person with what they might be doing. Or the person might want the job of being a historian. In addition, it might be helpful if people knew the history of countries just to have acknowledgement. In another case, critics also claim when are people ever going to need math. Math is very important and is used in everyday life and at school. Math is also used to help solve most problems and found in most jobs out there. Schools do their part in teachings students everything that is essential and is needed for future references. Therefore, academies don't teach much as well as teaching useless subjects. In short, teachers teacher to help their students and becoming better students. To begin with, academies don't teach many...
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