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Too Much Money Is Spent on Toys and Games

By kaylahkennedy May 28, 2013 486 Words
All around the world, in every country and every culture, it is important kids can play with toys and games and learn how to have fun. A vital and essential part of learning and development comes from experimenting with games and toys. However, in some countries too much money is being spent on toys and games. Far too many children, and adults, have too many toys and games than necessary and instead of learning from toys; it is stopping kids from developing the right way and some adults from participating in society. With spending so much money on games, some people have too many toys, some are becoming unhealthy as a result, and some are losing the ability to communicate and participate in social events.

Too many toys are causing people of all ages to become poor communicators. One of the most popular types of games is video games. X-boxes and PlayStations, you name it! Toys and game systems such as these are fun, don’t get me wrong. However too many people spend too much money and too much time playing on them. This then stops people from socialising with each other. It saddens me to see young people have their lives taken over by these consoles, and losing the ability to communicate with their peers. This problem is also an unhealthy one for our nation.

Australia is fast becoming one of the fattest nations on earth. Child and adult obesity is caused by a combination of unhealthy eating and not getting enough exercise. Having too many games is giving people an excuse to sit on the couch all day, eating junk and playing with their toys and games. Do we want the future of our nation to be fat? Spending too much money on toys and games is a massive health risk to our country.

The indecent amount of money being spent on games is unfair in Australia. Some children have far too many toys than they could ever even play with! In comparison, children in under developed countries have little or no toys at all. Instead, they create toys using their imagination and learn to play with they have. Having too many toys creates two problems; children are losing their creativity and imagination by having parents who buy too many toys and secondly; the money wasted on pointless pieces of plastic is better spent on education and helping those who have less than us.

Australians spend far too much money on toys and games. This is wrong as it is destroying the communication skills of Australian kids and it is expanding the waistline of all Australians as we become one of the fattest nations as more and more money is spent. Stop spending money on toys and instead, put it towards education of young Australians or helping out those who are less fortunate.

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