Too Much Homework

Topics: Middle school, High school, Family Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: October 5, 2008
I decided to do my project on the amount of homework students receive and how it is affecting their interpersonal relationships. Most of us have siblings, relatives or kids in grade school and can relate to this issue. We can all agree that they generally receive too much homework and it is causing them a lot of stress. Homework can be both good and bad. Some homework help reinforce the material already covered in class room while others are just worksheets and drill work. The truth is that students usually receive “busy work” more often than actually helpful homework. It takes up so much of their time that they practically have no time to spend with their family. Sometimes, homework gets so hard that the parents get involved. This can create a lot of stress on families. We all know that some projects elementary and middle school students receive usually cannot be done without a considerable amount of help from their parents. According to Mr. Baker, a researcher and professor of education and sociology, “increasing homework loads is likely to aggravate tensions within the family, thereby generating more inequality and eroding the quality of overall education”. I don’t think it is worth it to have so much stress and tension in the family in the name of homework.

In my opinion, teachers should start assigning less homework. I have a sister who is in middle school and I’m sure she does a lot more homework that she needs to. Just this week she received a paper to do in which she has to write a 5 page essay and a 10 slide presentation about 10 important battles of the American Revolution. Last month, she had to construct a device that could accurately measure the mass and volume of solids and liquids for her science class. Needless to say, she got so stressed over it that my father had to help her finish it. She already has enough homework every day to keep her busy until bed time. I think kids should have some time for sports or just to spend with their friends...
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