Tony Blair

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The extract from Tony Blair’s political speech on terrorism at the Labour Party conference was published on “The Guardian” on the 2nd of October 2001. “The Guardian” is a British Internet newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group. “The Guardian” identifies with center-left liberalism and its readership supports typically left in British politics. Tony Blair served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and was the Labour Party’s longest-serving Prime Minister. His and the Labour Party’s political affiliation is socialistic. After the millennium, 2001 was the year when there were subsided terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, which is the main reason for Tony Blair’s speech.

The speech responds to the audiences concerns and uncertainty about the future after 9/11. He starts by showing his respect towards the American people and the people who have been affected by the tragedy. He emphasizes that, however the Americans are different from the British people then in the face of tragedy or disaster then we all have a sense of solidarity for other nations. He speaks about a personal experience in America, where he personally met the relatives of the victims and how helpless, yet hopeful, they are. He emphasizes that the victims were innocent and that thus the terrible incident, the U.S, Europe and British have created a stronger bond which will help them to move forward and that all nations are seeking to resolve these indifferences in a calm and greater way. He comforts his listeners by assuring them that they are in good non-violent hands. He speaks on behalf of the United Nations, emphasizing that in the future there will be changes and that they will have more contact with each other.

Speeches are written to be spoken in real time and the words are not meant to be read but to be heard. Therefore sounds, charisma and clear expression of key points are essential.
Tony Blair has an attention grabbing opening...
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