Tonight I Can Write

Topics: Love, Pablo Neruda, Chile Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: May 12, 2012
“ Tonight I Can Write” By: Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda concerns himself extensively with the conflicts of identity and historicity in his works.He was brought into the limelight due to his expression of love and deep sorrow and pain within.He could essentially relate to every youngster who was flowing in the passionate swift of blissful love .With the deadly combination of vivid imagery and deep symbolism he could pierce into the tender hearts. "TONIGHT I CAN WRITE.." is one such poem which expresses the pain of a broken and shattered heart .It explains how a person with a broken heart feel everything around him scattered and the world torn apart. The despair of having lost his beloved make him feel the biting silence of moonlit nights where the blue stars shiver in the distance. The wind blowing sings for him the song of despair.He is pushed back into the lovely past when he had the blissed memories of his beloved with him. her great still eyes remind him the love that they had shared and nourished . The poet feels that tonight he is able to write the saddest lines as he has lost his beloved , and this despair of the huge loss hass mad ehim feel hurt ,cursed and lonely .his heart still looks for her in the distant stars that twinkle with hope however the poet seems to be hoping against hope but his love doesnt let him feel hopeless. his soul is not satisfied that he has llost her. he disagrees with the entire universe which is going against his love .he feels that although he tries to foerget her but her soulful deep eyes dont let him forget her.LOVE IS SO SHORT , FORGETTING IS SO LONG.the poet is in dilemma, unable to find out whether he loves her or not .may be he does , maybe he has stopped . he still bears in himself that their parting has made him feel .
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