Toni Morrison: The use of gold as a motif for Milkman finding himself and his identity

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Arman Nateghi Elahi
Mr. Schaaf
English A HL
How does Morrison use gold as a motif for Milkman finding himself and his identity? In Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison uses two main incidents in Milkman’s journey, to reveal that gold is a motif for Milkman finding himself and his identity. The first extraordinary incident introduces itself during Milkman’s search for gold in the south, when Milkman is out swimming with Sweet in the nearest quarry. Here Milkman, driven by his restless search for gold, realizes his true identity when he finds out that he belongs to the tribe of Solomon’s. As time passes and Milkman extorts closer to the tribe of Solomon’s, his search for gold becomes less relevant to him throughout his journey in the south, and he becomes obsessed with the knowledge of his past to find his true identity. The revelation that causes Milkman to realize where he belongs is delivered by Susan Byrd, who Milkman is related to through Heddy. In addition, Susan Byrd revolutionary enlightenment t, twists Milkman’s vision of The Song of Solomon. Susan Byrd’s unidealistic twist revealed the meaning and connections between Milkman and the tribe of Solomon’s, and how they relate to each other under Milkman’s superficial search for gold. This is how Milkman gets his revelation of his past and his identity in the quarry with Sweet. Morrison reveals “Oh, him. She laughed. “You belong to that tribe of niggers? She thought he was drunk. Yeah. That tribe. That flyin motherfuckin tribe. Oh, man!” (328). This is an extremely important point in Milkman’s life, because he realizes his connection to his past and where he’s from. Milkman has lived his whole life not knowing where he’s from. He lived his whole life in the shadow of his father’s name, Macon Dead, without knowing how and where it came from. For Milkman be able to identify his ancestors and who they were; for Milkman to say that he belongs to a certain tribe of people, which was only discovered by...
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