Toms Shoes Marketing Case Study

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Executive summary
TOMS Shoes(TM) was found in 2006, the founder Tom Mycoskie aimed that for every single pair of shoes the company sells, they give away one pair of free shoes to the child that needed(Armstrong and Kolter,2011). This concept is highly suited the current marketing environment, it built a strong market position by matched their customers view of self to their brand image. These strength has lead to the company's success in the shoe industry. However weakness of the company are, the company only uses the power of mouth, and refuses to advertising previously. On top of that,the fabric shoes they made is mainly focuses on the colleague students and teenagers(Schectman,2010). Opportunity for the company might be to expand their market overseas in order to achieve a larger economic scale, it should also design a marketing strategy that fit specificity to the brand, so that other shoes company focus on the same market segment won't threat the growth of TM.

Table of Contents
Introduction 3

Case issues 3

Case analysis&Questions 4

Recommendations for the Case 6

Conclusion 8

References 9

This case study will using a SOWT to outline the strength, weakness,opportunity and threat for TM. It will then move to a deeper analysis in order to identified each problems specificity using marketing concepts, the questions from the book will also be answered in this section. Recommendations will be given based on the current situation. Case issues

|Internal |Strength |Weakness | | |Strong brand image,matched customers' view of |Simple fabric shoes focus on youth market | | |self with the brand with high |segment only | | |Suit the market environment trend of social |Advertising based only on word of mouth | | |responsibility | | |External |Opportunity |Threat | | |Expand market overseas such as in Asia |Facing competition with other fabric shoes such| | |countries |as Vans,Converse which has strong customer | | |Expand a new product that focus on different |loyalty and market position | | |lifestyle,i.e. Athletics shoes | |

TM was found by Tom Mycoskie in 2006(Armstrong and Kolter,2011). The company aimed to help child who has no shoes to wear to get a free pair of shoes. However, this has to be achieved by selling a pair of shoes to the market(Armstrong and Kolter,2011). So that by created a brand...

References: Armstrong, G.Kotler, P, 2011, Marketing: an introduction, 10th edition, Pearson Prentice Hall,
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