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Shoes can change the life of one completely. This is because some kids in the South American countries either don't have shoes or can't afford them. When shoe company programs are teamed together with giving organizations, it can be a powerful way of providing for a new future. There are young kids in our world that are affected in many more ways than you think because they don't have shoes. However, a man with the name of Blake Mycoskie is helping to defeat this terrible problem. Being shoeless is a bad thing, but luckily there is a solution to this problem. The solution to the problem is called Toms, and all you have to do is buy a pair of shoes to help out. For every pair of shoes that you buy there is another pair of shoes delivered all over the world and even in some specific areas. Toms is an emerging organization that has helped out people with their health, education, and mental self. The Toms organization all got started with Blake Mycoskie. He is the founder of the Toms shoe and also created the idea of the One for One movement. The One for One movement is so popular because for every pair of shoes that you buy another pair is donated to those in need. This great business like idea came to Mycoskie one day and decided to build on it. These shoes help out others because it provides them protection and much many more things. It is highly argued that they don't deserve these shoes, but I believe that they do deserve these shoes because they can't help it and some people don't even have the resources to provide for themselves. Blake Mycoskie saw this and wanted to make a change. Mycoskie is the reason why shoes are delivered to the certain areas in countries that he personally traveled to and all around the world. Mycoskie always had big dreams and most importantly he wanted to start something that matters in the world today. Mycoskie grew up in Arlington, Texas and has always had a business man type of mind. Mycoskie always thought as a kid that he would spend the first part of his life making money, and then the second half of his life giving money. This ended up being quite the coincidence! His entrepreneurial spirit was able to help him create five businesses. He first started out with a laundry service business but then later sold it. He failed on many more business opportunities before he came up with the idea of Tom's. Mycoskie ended up competing in The Amazing Race television show with his sister where he had a chance to win the $1,000,000 prize in 2002. He ended up barely losing this race, but it helped give him inspiration. When Mycoskie was on the Amazing Race, they traveled all over the world. Traveling around the world on The Amazing Race television show helped give Mycoskie and idea of what it was like in other places. Mycoskie was able to experience many new types of culture while on this journey as well. Being in other parts of the world made him see how bad things are in other places. In Africa and Argentina, he discovered how many kids in the area didn't have a pair of shoes. Four years later, Mycoskie traveled back to Argentina to adventure in 2006. On his trip to Los Piletones he realized that kids also didn't have any shoes in this area, as well in Buenos Aires. The shoes that they did have, if they had any, were poorly made rope soles. There is a major health issue in some other countries because people in the town have to sometimes walk many miles barefoot to even get water for themselves. Not only are there feet getting cut and infected, but they are also getting dirty as well. From his experiences traveling he was able to have a creative imagination because of all the adventures and ideas that he had thought about. Seeing this made him want to help out the kids that were in desperate need and made him think how bad the living conditions were for them so he decided to start a campaign. Mycoskie had confidence in his thought to do the one for one sale...
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