Tomorrow When the War Began

Topics: War, Character, Guerrilla warfare Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: June 6, 2012
John Marsden is one of Australia’s most recognised authors for teenagers and younger readers. His books have a lot of life lessons to teach his young audience that are full of interesting characters. ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’ is undoubtedly his most popular novel with its plausible characters and an amazing story line full of action and suspense. With its themes that are relative to today’s issues an audience can relate to the characters emotion and fear to their predicaments Marsden has created a book that has become well known amongst teenagers and adults alike.

Marsden over the course of his writing career has used his books to influence important attitudes, beliefs and values to his vast audience who have enjoyed his books and learned valuable life lessons from them. He has said and it can be demonstrated in his ‘Tomorrow’ series that the readers react to character, especially teenagers that act with maturity, initiative, courage and take responsibility for their actions in a world where they would often be regarded as incompetent or otherwise immature this portray of teenagers is quite powerful and interests the readers.

The success of this novel wasn’t just from the intriguing story, but also the characters. The user created perfect characters to captivate the readers and to help the readers relate to their situation. Most young readers can relate to the characters emotion, fear, and personality and can ponder about how they would react in the situation. A great thing that the author did is create characters from different backgrounds and upbringings, growing up on a farm, being rich and pampered, working in the families business etc, this is to help reach out to the readers and relate even further. Ellie is the main character; we read the story from her point of view, through her recapping of the events we can notice her changing and developing, from the young adult in the last year of school into a smarter, courageous person trying to keep her...
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