Tomorrow Is Another Day

Topics: 2006 albums, Positive psychology, Optimism Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: December 21, 2010
If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow comes. If you don't wait for tomorrow, tomorrow still comes. But have you ever wondered what tomorrow is?
Tomorrow is the moment of time which we get after waking up in the morning, is the familiar time circle which repeats each 24 hours. Tomorrow is unpredictable, is the series of questions which led us forwards one day more, be one day older but still have no idea of getting what and losing what. Tomorrow is the miserably hard position when we have to work, think and fight.

Tomorrow is like a blank page of paper. We may let it be empty, may scrawl something on it or may make it become a masterpiece. So, how tomorrow is depends on ourselves.

But how many of us can live really meaningfully and completely for tomorrow? Tomorrow …
I will ignore all the sorrows of yesterday because we can not change what belongs to the past. Tomorrow…
I will love and esteem each happy moment of my life. Although they are short, they are the most valuable gifts I get in this world. And it’s my pleasure to share them with others… Tomorrow…
I will face the challenges with all my bravery and confidence, will exert myself to the utmost to overcome the obstacles. I will not be afraid of the failures because, at least, failure today will be the lesson for success of mine in the future. Tomorrow…

I will open my soul and my mind to be in harmony with others. I’m ready to forgive my friends’ mistake. I don’t hope I’m perfect and the same as my friends. Tomorrow…
I will make my life happy by myself, will do whatever I like: I will listen to my favorite music, go out with friends, go around to have a view of life… yes, the happiness comes from not only the big things but also the small ones. Tomorrow…

I will try to discover and study the new things, change my boring lifestyle. This life is plentiful and I will make use all of its tastes. I will try to live as well as possible… In the hard positions, optimism, belief and hope are the great power...
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