Tommy Boy

Topics: Film editing, Bus, A Great Way to Care Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: December 8, 2005
Name Of Movie: Tommy Boy
Main Characters: Chris Farley: Tommy, David Spade: Richard
Type Of Movie: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr 38 min

A) There is a scene at which Tommy and Richard are setting out on their first great sales trip. The camera is set at the back of the car as it drives away. This is a long shot because you can see everything that you would regularly see if you were actually standing there. As the car drives away the camera pulls back, eventually forming an extra long shot because it pulls so far away that you can see almost a panoramic of the city at which the car is driving in. This technique gives the effect of a journey being started. The camera captures the starting point of the car, and then widens its view allowing the viewer to see what the car is embarking on. This is very effective because it shows the future of the film with two simple camera shots. There is another scene at the end of the movie where Tommy is talking to his new company about the success of the sales trip. The first shot is a first person view from Tommy?s eyes, looking out into the crowd of people. This shot only allows you to see what Tommy is seeing. The camera then jumps to an ELS shot from behind the crowd, which gives the viewer a sense of how large the crowd really is. These two different angles allow the viewer to first feel comforted by the crowd, then overwhelmed by the large number of people that are actually there. The LS and the ELS are very effective in film editing and when combined, they achieve a great amount.

B) In the opening of the movie it shows Tommy as a child chasing after the bus, while all the kids are laughing at him as he tries to catch it. As the exhaust from the child's face clears he has suddenly become a man and is now older. This Jump edit technique allows the movie to advance forward in time, but gives a good idea as to the character and his rather comical life style. Later in the movie Tommy realizes that his...
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