Topics: Hypertension, Lycopene, Vitamin C, Diabetes mellitus, Atherosclerosis, Vitamin D / Pages: 3 (535 words) / Published: Mar 19th, 2013
Benefits of tomato 1. Tomatoes are heart-healthy 2. Tomatoes fight cancer 3. Help keep internal systems working well 4. Help protect skin, bones and eyes
TOMATOES ARE HEART HEALTHY i. Help lower cholesterol * Tomato has zero grams of cholesterol. As u knowledge, a cup fresh tomato provides 9% the DV for fiber * Tomato also good source of niacin or vitamin B3 which used to lower high cholesterol level ii. Reduce the risk of heart disease * Tomato is good source of potassium. Based on facts, diets rich in potassium lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Tomato also contains vitamin B6 and folate that needed by body to convert a potentially dangerous chemical called homocysteine into benign molecules. High levels of homocysteine can damage blood vessel walls and increase heart attack and stroke. iii. Tomatoes provide antioxidant protection from cell damage * Tomato is a good source of antioxidant lycopene. Antioxidants travel through the body then neutralizing dangerous free radicals that can damage cells and cell membranes. Free radicals enhance the severity of artherosclerosis, diabetic complications, asthma and colon cancer. High intake of lycopene helps to reduce these illnesses.
TOMATOES FIGHT CANCER i. Tomatoes protect the prostate * Antioxidant lycopene working together with other phytonutrient compounds in tomatoes. Eating tomato which contains antioxidant lycopens will help to reduce the risk of many cancers especially prostate cancer (male). ii. Tomatoes are anti-inflamatory * Overproduction of free radicals within cells boosts an inflammatory compound which refers to the chronic disease. High amount of antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene will neutralize free radicals and help reduce inflammation.
TOMATOES HELP KEEP INTERNAL SYSTEMS WORKING WELL I. Tomatoes help regulate blood sugar * Tomatoes are good source of chromium which helps diabetic patients keep

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