Tom Wolfe

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Tom Wolfe is one of the great american authors of this century. He has published a wide variety of works throughout his career including nonfiction and fiction pieces.Wolfe is probably best known for his association with the New Journalism literary movement in which literary techniques are used in an objective, even-handed journalism. His work is mostly non-fiction but it has captured the attention of readers by his amazing ability to make nonfiction interesting and controversial. His writing skills have given Wolfe a great amount of fame and admiration but have also caused a lot of controversy and disputes with other writers and the general public: “In Wolfe’s hands, the New Journalism was celebrated for life as lived, and at the same time an instrument for the diparage of pretension and self destruction”( 356-357 Encyclopedia of World Biography). His ability to make people see the politics and recent news in the world in a different way through his writing is what has made him an extraordinary writer. When he was younger Tom Wolfe did not always want to be a writer but through many experiences became a journalist. Wolfe was born March 2, 1931 in Richmond, Virginia. He attended St. Christopher’s School for high school and participated in many activities. He was on student council, editor of the school newspaper and was the star pitcher for the baseball team. After graduating high school Wolfe went to Washington and Lee University where he majored in English. In college he was the sports editor of the newspaper and was on the baseball team again. After graduating Washington and Lee University Wolfe began to play baseball semi-professionally and tried out for the New York Giants; sadly he was cut from the team. He then decided to enroll in the American studies doctoral program at Yale.

After graduating Wolfe decided to become a journalist. He got a reporting job for the Springfield Union; he then found a job at the Washington Post where he was a Latin...
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