Tom Sawyer

Topics: Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Tom Sawyer Summary
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a very interesting book to say the least. It tells the reader about the adventures of Tom Sawyer growing up. Tom Sawyer is a very mischievous boy that is also very clever and cunning. He lives in St. Petersburg with his half brother Sid, and his Aunt Polly. After getting into a fight on Friday and making his clothes dirty, he is punished. His punishment is to whitewash the fence on Saturday. He has to do it and at first he is angry but then he uses his cunning to trick the local kids into trading Tom little things for a chance to whitewash the fence. All of the things he collected, he later then trades in the items for a ticket that was given out at Sunday school for memorizing bible verses. He uses the ticket to claim a Bible as his prize. He tries to show off and then is asked a question and he doesn’t know the answer. Tom falls in love with a girl named Becky Thatcher, and he persuades her to get engaged with him. She shuns im when she finds out that he has also been engaged to another girl named Amy. After that, Tom meets Huckleberry Finn, the son of the towns drunk man. That night they go the graveyard and witness the murder of Dr. Robinson by Injun Joe and they run away, scared. Injun Joe blamed Muff Potter, another drunk and he is wrongfully arrested. Tom, Huck, and Joe Harper run away to an Island to become pirates. Then they find out that the town has been searching for them. He returns alive and is considered a hero. Back in school, he wins Becky back by taking blame for something. Then the trail comes and Tom justifies against Injun Joe, but Injun Joe runs away. During summer, Tom and Huck go hunting for treasure buried in a haunted house. After they go upstairs, they hear a noise and it is Injun Joe and a Spaniard. They watch them dig up the treasure and listen to their plan to bury it somewhere in the town. Huck starts to shadow Injun Joe every night while Tom goes on a picnic with Becky into a...
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