Tom Robinson Trial Summary

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Marriage, Harper Lee Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: March 9, 2016

In this weeks issue of The Maycomb weekly, our main story is of Tom Robinson's trial case. the main story Many people gathered in the courtroom in a hot Macomb county courtroom to watch Atticus finch defend a black man, “Tom Robinson” in a white versus black rape case. The attendees of the case included many black and white men from around Macomb County, and surprisingly even some children attended the rape case.

When both the defendant and prosecutor were called to the stand, they told completely different versions of what happened. Mayella “Mrs. Ewell” was inviting Tom Robinson into her house to do odd jobs for free. Mayella claimed Tom had followed her into the house when she asked him to cut up a chiffarob. Mayella’s side of the story is that Tom struck her in the face and took advantage of her, after he helped her do a chore. Mayella’s story had a flaw in it where she said that Tom struck her in the face, chocked her. This made no sense because Tom only has one arm. When Atticus finch, cleverly spotted this flaw and asked her about it, the defendant said that she was confused and scared and she had no more to...

Finch gave a convincing argument, the jury was left to decide their votes. Under normal circumstances a jury in a black man versus white man trial only takes a few minutes to an hour. When the jury dragged on for a long two hours, Tom’s side put up an early celebration for the win in the trial, but when they came out two hours later the votes where anonymous, Tom was guilty. There was no solid proof that Tom raped Mayella so everyone is wondering…”what led the jury to vote guilty?” it’s a shame that cases like this are happening in our time. Towns like this are corrupt and evil, putting an innocent man to death because of the skin he was born with, something he can’t help. I came to Macomb to see it for once, good choices would prevail, but once again I was let down. Best of luck to Tom Robinson and his...
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