Tom Robinson Trial Essay

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Journal #4

I am reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee and I am on page 304. So far this part of the book is the trial of Tom Robinson. He was accused of rape by Mayella Ewell and was found guilty. The testimonies everyone had evidence that Tom was innocent, but a jury of all white people did not favor a Black over a White. In this journal I will be predicting and evaluating.
Predict: I think Tom will be innocent
G- I predict that Tom will be innocent
Y- Mr.Ewell might have beat up Mayella
R- The person who attacked her was left-handed
R- Mr.Ewell did not call a doctor
Y- Tom is too kind to have done it
R- He helped Mayella many times out of his kindness
R- He does not cause trouble
G- Those are the reasons why I think Tom Robinson will be innocent

I predict that Tom Robinson will be innocent. The first reason why he should be innocent is, there is a lot of evidence that shows Mr.Ewell could have beat up Mayella. Mayella was bruised on her right eye, so that could mean a left-handed person could have beat her up. We find out Mr.Ewell is left-handed when he writes his name. He gets mad when Judge Taylor points out he is left-handed showing that he could have been trying to hide it. Tom Robinson could not of used his left arm since it got stuck in a cotton gin. That incident made his left arm useless, so he could not of attacked Mayella. After the incident, Mr.Ewell never called a doctor. He said it...

G- Mayella lied because she was scared of what would happen if she told the truth
Y- She did not want to get in trouble for throwing herself at a black man
R- she broke a code...

She lied to make sure people did not find out about her throwing herself at a black...
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