Tom Clancy Rainbow Six

Topics: Terrorism, Tom Clancy, Counter-terrorism Pages: 4 (1601 words) Published: June 10, 2004
Well it is easy to see that in Tom Clancy's book rainbow six there are two main groups the first group is of course Rainbow SIX the second is horizon corp. Now for rainbow six they are our heroes they are the Special Forces assault team created and funded by the United States but it consists of members from across the world. The second group is the horizon corp. now these are the evil ones in the book and when I say evil I mean EVIL. But they were evil in the eyes of society but not in their own eyes. .

Now what horizon corp. is planning is truly the embodiment of what can be considered a heinous crime what they planned on doing was to release a bacteria called Shiva is a modified version of the Ebola virus the difference Shiva and Ebola you might ask, well Shiva is twice as effective as Ebola is. Now Horizon corp. really doesn't fall under either overcoming or submitting but it can be seen as trying to destroy society. They believe that society has become too destructive against nature and so in their bid to save the human race they have to destroy all but a selected few they had made the Shiva virus and planned on letting it out during the Olympics so that it could be spread across the world. So instead of trying to conform to society or overcome it they have gone for option number three the destruction of society its self.

Ok now for the heroes of the book a group named of course rainbow six. This group has skill and resources much greater then any other counter terrorist organization they travel to any country that requests their aid and well mops up any messes that they might have. The team encounters many different situations on which they are called in to resolve the problem the way a special forces unit would. So it is my feeling that the rainbow six team its self is meant to embody the will, the laws, and the Ideals of society as they are always called in to those who go against the general will and laws of main stream society. Lead by John...
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