Tom Clancy's Op Center

Topics: Tom Clancy, President of the United States, United States Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: March 28, 2001
Tom Clancy's Op-Center Divide and Conquer

The nation is about to be in another Middle East war, but they don't know it yet, even the president doesn't know it. Will Paul Hood inform the president with the correct information in time? Will war break out in Azerbaijan? In this political thriller you really don't know what is going on right up until the end.

Paul Hood is the main character; he is the head of Op-Center, the United States division that deals with information sharing with Allis countries to stop terrorism. He is going through a divorce, and his daughter was just held hostage in an U.S. embassy (I think this happened in the book before the one I read). He had resigned from Op-Center because of all the things happening in his life, but he went back because he couldn't live without it. Paul Hood would be classified as a workaholic.

The Chief of Staff (Red Gable), the Vice President (Charles Cotten) and Secretary of the State (Jack Fenewick), are all in on the conspiracy to start a war in order to secure the U.S. oil supply for the next millennium. The conspiracy will also put Charles Cotten into the presidency, with Michael Lawerence (current president) being forced out of office.

The conspiracy that the "Eye's Only Group" (Gable, Cotten and Fenewick) has planned is that of terrorism and treason. The plan is the terrorist known as the Harpooner will blow up an oilrig in Azerbaijan, making them think that the Iranians it. The Iranians will claim they didn't, but everybody will think they are lying, because the dead bodies found will be that of Iranians, and they will be wearing the uniform of the elite Iranian military force. Tensions will grow, war will break out. The whole time the president will be fed mis-information that he will talk internationally with this mis-information, then have to eat his words, when everybody says "What!? We didn't know that". The public will think the president has lost his sanity, and he will be forced...
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