Tom Chappell

Topics: Colgate-Palmolive, Tom Chappell, Tom's of Maine Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Tom Chappell
1943 – Born
1970 – Create the bound (Tom's of Maine)
1980s – Study Masters in Theology at Harvard Divinity School 1991 – Graduated
2006 – Tom's of Maine was purchased by Colgate-Palmolive
Now - A new company (Ramblers Way)

Tom is dreaming of a line of all-natural, environmentally friendly household products

1 Does the Tom's of Maine experience prove that one can "do business with principles," or are there business realities that make it hard for others to copy this principled management model?
2 What examples and incidents from this brief history of Tom's of Maine illustrate how the personal ethics and values of founders can positively influence a firm and its culture as it deals with the challenges of start-up and growth?

3 What are the biggest threats that Tom's faces in its new life within Colgate's global corporate structure, and especially with respect to maintaining what Tom and Kate call "the character, spirit, and values of our company"?

4 FURTHER RESEARCH-Find news items reporting on what has happened at Tom's of Maine since being purchased by Colgate. Has the firm been able to operate with the ethics and independence that Tom and Kate had hoped for? Is the company starting to lose its way now that it's part of a global corporate giant?

Company Perspectives:
The Tom's of Maine Mission: To serve our customers by providing safe, effective, innovative, natural products of high quality. To build relationships with our customers that extend beyond product usage to include full and honest dialogue, responsiveness to feedback, and the exchange of information about products and issues. To respect, value, and serve not only our customers, but also our co-workers, owners, agents, suppliers, and our community; to be concerned about and contribute to their well-being, and to operate with integrity so as to be deserving of their trust. To provide meaningful work, fair compensation, and...
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