Tom Brennan. Related: Only 19 Redgum and Green Street Hooligans Lexi Alexander

Topics: Protagonist, Green Street, Fear Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: August 10, 2010
For an individual to gain the rewards of new experiences they must first step out of they’re limits and boundaries and into a new world. In this world there may be obstacles, hardship and often rejection, in the end this move will be positive and an individual will find that through pathways of hardship and misadventure, Horizons will be broadened. The idea of experiencing new pathways is conveyed through the novel “Tom Brennan” by “J.C. Burke” as well as “Redgum’s” “Only 19” and the film “Green street hooligans” by “Lexi Alexander”.

“The story of Tom Brennan” explores through a first person outlook Tom Brennan’s life as he depicts a horrific Accident and the influence of life past the accident. Throughout the novel Tom is forced to change his entire life as his beloved town, school and rugby team associate the Brennan name with the waste that occurred due to his brother’s poor judgment.

“Burke” uses many themes throughout “Tom Brennan”, Possibly the most prominent is the fear of what lies ahead. As Tom moves to an unfamiliar town and enters a new school unsure of what his new classmates have heard about him and his family. “The old man’d told me last night that Harvey (home room teacher) knew about the accident and Daniel and stuff. I didn’t feel comfortable about it,” This conveys the message that Tom is both afraid and uncertain about where his life will take him, Through the novel Tom is experiencing the fear of moving into a new life with new friends and new changes punctuated by the memories of the events of the accident and times leading up to Daniels trial.

Small scenes play a vital role in conveying the themes of the novel. One incidence of this that stands out is the scene where tom’s new school (bennies) plays tom’s old school st John’s. In the match Tom’s new school lose in a close game to his old school yet Tom feels as if “The siren rang for Full time, the score still 9-7(to st John’s) but you would’ve thought we were the winners.” I...
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