Tom Brennan

Topics: Family, Interpersonal relationship, A Story Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: August 15, 2010
The Story of Tom Brennan by J.C. Burke starts with a serious car accident. The main character Tom Brennan is a seventeen year old boy whose life changes when his older brother, Daniel, kills two people, Luke and Nicole, and paralyses his cousin Fin. The family then move from Mumbilli to the town Coghill. During this dark period Tom does not change, or mature. Tom’s Father orders Tom to make a change to his life and encourages him to take the path towards a positive future and to move on from the past into the future. Tom’s isolation from the world is captured negatively through the use of

personification, he quotes “I curled myself into a little ball, hid my head in my knees and let the darkness suck me into its belly” this indicates how badly tom has been affected by the absence of others who he truly had a deep connection with. Tom becomes more open with the accident throughout the book as he starts to go and visit Fin and Daniel, Tom also builds up a better relationship with his uncle Brendan as they start to go and run together and Brendan tells Tom that him and Jonny are together in a relationship, as he quotes “I mean, you know Jonny and I are – together?” this shows Brendan is trying to build a friendship with him. Tom and his grandmother

begin to become closer by the end of the book, he quotes “at least she likes watching the footy show. We’d have a good laugh over that. Sometimes she
wasn’t too bad”. All these changes by the end of the book doesn’t just show that tom is now moving on from the past and moving forward in life, not just with his family but also with Chrissy, who he shares a relationship with. Similarly, in the book "Doll" by Nicky Singer, the main character Tilly has gone through series of personal challenges to get through her depression. Obstacles with her teenage years include being an outcast at school and having no friends, having an over-weight, strange mother and distant father figure in her life.

Before her suicide, Tilly's...
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