Tom and Jerry Happy Go Ducky

Topics: Easter, Tom and Jerry, Sound Pages: 3 (1288 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Tom and jerry happy go ducky

For the opening 30 seconds of the cartoon music is played in major key which is meant to make audience feel happy that they are watching the program, the motif is repeated but changed to keep the listener entertained during the opening credits. As the cartoon begins there is woodwind instrument which sounds like a flute playing a melody over a piano playing arpeggio this gives the impression of it being early morning as it’s very upbeat and cheerful. Before the main characters appear on the cartoon the flute plays a trill this is used to build anticipation before the characters enter. After the trill is completed the tempo of the music is increased and more instruments are added the most noticeable being the drums. The tempo change and the loud cymbal crashes show the listener that the characters are racing and fighting to get out the door first the loud skidding foley sounds confirm this. Once the characters are outside a bouncing noise is added as the Easter bunny jumps away this has been placed there so to make it more comical as the target audience is children. The music then changes to a relaxed calm sounding mood whilst the characters read the message off the basket left. There is another changed in tempo after this as the music is played fast to portray the jerry the mouse’s feelings of panic as the tom snatches away the Easter egg left. The skidding forley sounds add to the effect of hurrying. Whist the characters are having a tug of war match which the basket the instruments are playing chromatically to portray the movement of back and forth before a trumpet is played with a minor sounding feel to show distress the egg then fly’s into the air. When jerry catches the egg he runs the music is played chromatically once again to show movement. When tom steals the egg from jerry he then kicks tom in the knee a Foley sound which sounds like a kick drum is used this is followed up by...
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