Tom and Jerry

Topics: Lexicography, Dictionary, Canadian Oxford Dictionary Pages: 4 (700 words) Published: April 12, 2013
thong huynh
professor epperson
March 1,2013

dictionary future

in the article “redefining definition” by ERIN MC KEAN, it shows us how the wed could

change what dictionaries do. A good dictionary is created by it's own analysis. The author
shows that online dictionary has advantages over traditional dictionary because it doesn't

drive the reader to many confusing meanings. The author shows that experiences help people

know how to use words accurately in essay or sentences. The author also suggests some

websites can help people to seek the meaning of the word more effective and quickly and she

also proves that each word have many meanings depend on who use it, when it was used.

Even though Online dictionary can help people do their own job quickly but sometime it

makes people have much useless time to do random stuffs.

The author of this article is optimistic about the future of lexicography but it will lead to

ambiguity an confusion because there are many kind of dictionaries on internet people will

get stuck with many meaning of a word. For instance. When we seek a word online and the

result comes out with numerous of meaning so I really sure that people will be confused to

know which one should we pick, especially for people who is learning a new language, they

will get stuck between rock and hard place for using those words they look for. Some word

that we borrow from other languages is so hard to look up online that will drives people to

many other ways of using words, the confusion will get started form here. For example, when we look for a word like “DESERT” there are many results come out, the first one means a

barren or desolate area with all sand and really hot heat, the second meaning is the sweet cake

or some thing people eat after their meal, the next one is escape, after that we can not know

how to use it in sentences

The author should...
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