Tom and Gatsby

Topics: Prohibition in the United States, The Great Gatsby, Difference Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Tom and Gatsby are both very import characters in the book, The Great Gatsby. In some ways they are similar and in some ways they are different. Both Characters made the novel as wonderful as it was. It’s your opinion, which character you like better though. In the following essay I will compare and contrast the two characters. There are many similarities between the two characters. One is that both of the men loved Daisy. You could say that didn’t seem to love her having an affair, although towards the end of the book he showed deep love for her. Gatsby on the other hand was madly in love with Daisy from the moment he met her. Everyday he hoped for them to all in love and be together, however in the end he never got her. Another comparison could be the men’s lack to follow the “rules” so to say. Tom being a cheater who sneaks around with other women while he has a wife. Gatsby was just a plain out smuggler and ran speak easies during the prohibition era. Also tom and Gatsby are fabulously wealthy. They spend money like its nothing, how tom buys women basically whatever they want. Gatsby on the other hand jut throws expensive parties for everyone to come and drink, eat, dance and do what ever they wish, he does that just to impress Daisy.

These Characters also have many differences. The first one could be how Tom is from old money; he was born into fortune and had privileges. Gatsby had to work for his money, engaging him self in illegal activities and business. Another simple one could be that Tom lives in East Egg and Gatsby lives in west Egg. It seems very irrelevant but it plays a big part in the book. Also their personalities are very different. Tom thinks he is a very powerful man, he speaks loudly and he wants everyone to know who he is. Gatsby is more reserved; he doesn’t try to be the life of the party. In fact he is barley noticed at his own parties. Finally you can say that Tom is only focused on being rich and himself. All Gatsby ever cared...
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