toltec relegion

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The Pre Columbian Toltec religion based on the worship of two gods, one representing good and one represent evil derived in the 8th century. This religion relied heavily on art for expression, they were artwork and innovators working with metal. The members of this religion traded their artwork with other regions crops for survival, these art pieces are linked to the Aztecs providing proof that this lost religion and its people did exist.

Toltec Religion
Toltec was a Pre Columbian religion that was based on the worship of two gods, an evil god and a good god. Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god was the good god. He represented learning, fertility, holiness, gentility, culture, philosophy, and everything good. Tezcatlipoca, the smoked mirror was the bad god. He represented war, tyranny, and evil, he was the complete opposite of Quetzalcoatl. I think the Toltec Religion is very fascinating and strange at the same time because they have no evidence of a creation myth and no theory of life after death. Most religions you read about have a creation myth or someplace where the religion originated from, unlike these religions the Toltec’s have no creation myth or any story of where this religion began or evolved from. I find this so interesting because a group of people can believe in a religion that is based off of nothing, they have no idea how this religion came to be. Also the followers of the Toltec Religion have no promise of a life after death; they have no beginning and no end. I know for myself being a Christian follower there are still some questions that I have as to why certain things came to be as they did, even with all the information that my religion has about it. We as humans want to know the answers to things and are constantly looking for clarity. There are very few factual details about the Toltec civilization that have survived and are available today. The Toltec’s had no written language, and had disappeared...
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