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Topics: Electronic toll collection, Rectifier, Radio-frequency identification Pages: 4 (642 words) Published: September 25, 2013
An Embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues ABSTRACT:

There are millions of vehicles are passing through roads every day. Time, safety and efficiency are the major factors, while mode of transportation plays an important role in urbanization. Through this paper integrated solution has been offered to the transport related issues based on Atmel controller.

It is the core which has hardware modules such as RFID, GPS, GSM and MEMS to handle the new transport related issues viz. Accident alert, Toll gate control, Parking slot management, Traffic rule violation control and special zone are explained in this paper. An efficient utilization of communication link between RF Modems over a wireless channel to facilitate vehicle monitoring, vehicle authentication and automated toll collection on the highways is proposed. The implemented system is a more convenient to automatically sending information to above such applications.


The advanced in the technologies related to wireless communication has led to the emergence of several engineering designs to aid the human requirements. In this fast paced modern world we are facing a number of transport related problems. RFID technology can be effectively used to solve some of them. Some of the problems that require immediate attention are accident risk management, environment alert, traffic rule violation control, parking slot arrangement, tollgate management, vehicle theft identification and traffic signal management.

GPS technology provides the on road area information and environment alerts (such as school zone, industry, market, bridge etc.).

One RFID is placed in vehicle with owner info, RC book, insurance details, service details etc. to send vehicle identification to traffic information database. RFID reader will be placed with embedded controller Toll Gates, Parking areas and also in traffic signal areas. on board vehicle...
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