Tokyo Marine Insurance Analyse

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Tokio Marine Insurance

Company Profile
Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. is the insurance holding company for Tokio Marine Group, which undertakes the domestic non-life insurance, domestic life insurance, international insurance, financial and general businesses.Based on its corporate philosophy of “customer trust as the foundation of all its activities”, Tokio Marine Group will continue to deliver safety and security to customers while steadily raising corporate value to become a global insurance group that achieves sustainable growth. The Progress of Tokio Marine Group

In 1879, when Japan had just begun to modernize and need for a marine insurance system was growing to support Japan’s foreign trade, Tokio Marine Insurance Company, the first Japanese-operated insurance company and the origin of Tokio Marine Group of today, began operations with marine insurance as its core business. “Everything under the sun can be insured”. These were the words of Kenkichi Kagami, an industrialist in Japan who played a key role in reviving Tokio Marine Insurance. Taking these words to heart, They subsequently anticipated changing times by launching fire insurance and Japan’s first auto insurance to expand our business fields while supporting Japan’s industrial development. In 1996, mutual entry between life and non-life insurance was approved and Tokio Marine Group advanced into the life insurance business. They accelerated growth by leveraging the non-life insurance sales network to establish a cross-selling business model that offers comprehensive coverage including life insurance products. In recent years, Tokio Marine Group acquired the Kiln Group in the United Kingdom and Philadelphia Insurance Companies and Delphi Financial Group, which are prominent insurance firms in the United States. They have evolved into a global insurance group with a network spanning 37 countries and regions worldwide. While expanding our business in the world’s major insurance markets, They will also build a full-fl edged presence in emerging countries in Asia and other areas where strong growth is expected. Currently the society and economy must deal with a diversifying array of risks. However, with customer trust as the foundation for all its activities, Tokio Marine Group continues to strive toward new challenges as a global insurance group. “WE STRIVE TO RAISE CORPORATE VALUE WITH CUSTOMER


The Position of Tokio Marine Group
The past several years have been challenging for the non-life insurance industry because of the occurrences of numerous large-scale natural disasters. However, under these circumstances, by promoting initiatives for sustainable profit growth in each of its businesses and exercising its comprehensive strengths, the Group has consistently recorded the highest ordinary profit in the domestic non-life insurance industry. In addition, in terms of market capitalization, which is an evaluation from capital markets, Tokio Marine Group has maintained a significantly higher market value than its non-life insurance peers. Tokio Marine Group will continue its efforts to improve profitability while driving the markets as a leading company in the insurance industry.

Global Business Development of Tokio Marine Group

The global non-life insurance market remains on a mid-to-long-term growth trend, backed by ongoing economic growth in emerging countries and signs that premium rates are beginning to rise in developed countries due to the occurrences of large-scale natural disasters. Tokio Marine Group has concluded large-scale acquisitions, including Kiln, Philadelphia and Delphi, to expand its presence in the core global markets of Europe and the United States, while also consistently building strategic footholds in emerging countries to steadily capture growth opportunities in global insurance markets. As a result, the international insurance...
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