Tok Presentation Reflection

Topics: Critical thinking, Psychology, Concept Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Early this month we finished our final TOK presentation. I did mine with Faizaan, and we chose to take up the subject of philanthropy. The real reason that people give in the first place is a very controversial and relevant topic, and so we thought it would make a good topic for a presentation. It was very important for us to be interested in the topic we were going to be presenting, as we would be spending so many hours doing work on it- we are both interested in business and aspire to become businessmen at some point in our lives and so we truly found this topic something we would find engaging. I suggested that we break each concept down into the most elementary components and our interpretations of them, as when I saw some of the presentation of last year's seniors it struck me how they were taking for granted that everyone had the same meaning of the most fundamental words in their presentation. Therefore, I made sure we spent a good amount of time building base for our presentation to build on by examining the concepts and differences in perceptions of the key words in our presentation, for example 'giving,' and 'need.' I really felt that this contributed to the coherence of our presentation and showed that we were not talking out of the air, but really had a firm grip on the concepts in our presentation. Another thing I found very monotonous last year was that everyone was presenting their information in the form of debates between two completely opposing viewpoints. Not only do I find this extremely boring, but I feel that it limits the scope of the presentation and does not allow us to really develop arguments and insights to a deeper level. Instead, we utilized a format wherein each of us presented various viewpoints on the same topic and did not have to stick to a specific perspective. I really liked how this worked out for us in our final presentation. In our feedback, they said that this confused them, but we firmly believed that it was very clearly...
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