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Chapter 11 – Arts
Name: James Park
Essential Ideas & TOK vocabulary:
In our culture, humans create certain objects for aesthetically pleasing reasons rather than of practical value. Creativity seems to distinguish human beings from other animals (highest and most satisfying form of human life. Arts include not only painting and sculpture, but dance, film, literature, music and theatre as well. What is art?

Essential Ideas & TOK vocabulary:
“What distinguishes worthwhile art from junk?”
Art = man-made
1. Intentions of the artist:
Work of art by someone with the intention of evoking an aesthetic (beauty) response in the audience. Critics: something that was not originally intended as art may now be treated as such, and this art might simply be junk 2. Quality of the work:

Great work of art is a perfect combination of form(depicts such as a face, a landscape, etc) and content(the way it is put together such as unity, order, etc) Critics: some arts show originality, but require little technical skill such as kitsch and forgeries 3. Response of spectators:

‘the general public’ prefer the familiar to the strange and content to form Expert opinions guides us to decided which works of art are genuinely worthwhile (understand the meaning of a work of art; sophisticated) Other ideas about arts

Everything can be looked at from an aesthetic point of view
Inexhaustibility: ideal spectator helping us to distinguish enduring art from art which is merely fashionable Judging art
Essential Ideas and TOK vocabulary:
The paradox of aesthetic judgement:
Standards of judgement – justifies certain art works (good or bad) Cannot argue about tastes in the arts
Should aesthetic judgements be disinterested?
In our aesthetic judgements we are ‘suitors for agreement’ Disinterested – not aesthetic response
Should appreciate it from a more universal standpoint.
Acknowledge great figures even if it is not the taste one prefers Are there...
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