TOK glossary of terms

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TOK Glossary of Terms

Personal Knowledge - Values, opinions, religious and political views - knowers perspective - experiential, has happened to you - affects your view

Shared Knowledge - Accumulation of knowledge that comes through different networks of learning eg, schools, families, online communities - you can also look at religions or political interests - for example communism can be looked at as a shared knowledge.

Knowledge claim - usually when you put forward a particular view point - doesn't have to be right

Case Study - Everest - Documentary Drama
Language (WOK)
- Definition theory - Semantic difference, for example the word sport and the word game can be defined differently, Ethics and Sherpas - A sherpa is an individual who carries equipment up the mountain - is it is not particularly unethical as the sherpa is choosing to do this as an occupation, he is not begin forced into the situation. But on the other hand a person who is going to climb the mountain who has come all the way from the US or the UK you are going to know that a sherpa is not going to cost a lot, so you are going to give them as little as possible when they are risking their lives in order to help you. Ethics also come into hand when you are risking your life on this mountain and you are leaving your family behind and you die on this mountain,

Self-Interest Theory - are human beings inartistically selfish? are we born selfish and are hardwired to be selfish? - many people can be selfless and put others needs in front of their own because this makes them feel better as a person but this can be selfish in itself.

I personally would not risk my life going high altitude mounting as I for me I do not find my joy in that particle sport however I also would not participate in this sport as I would not have the confidence. I believe that the eye witness account it not fully reliable as Jon Kracauer had many reasons to give a false account on the event such as he may...
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