Tok Essay Disagreement Leads to Improvement in Science

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Epistemology Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 8, 2012
TOK essay Yoonhee, Ki Word Count: 688 “Doubt is the key to knowledge”. To what extent is this true in the area of knowledge “The natural sciences”?

Natural science is one of the most remarkable achievements that mankind could have achieved because it gives us chance to step forward toward mysteries of the world, secrets of living organisms; furthermore it improves our quality of lives by offering convenient materials that our ancestors had never dreamed of. These achievements of natural science made people to consider it as the most certain subject next to or as equal as mathematics. However science has not only strengths but also several limitations. So to what extent should we believe science and to what extent should we uncertainty the knowledge extracted from the natural science?

According to the theory of scientism, “Science is the only way we can make sense of reality and discover the truth”. This statement demonstrates that as science has unreasonable power and influence on humans, we don’t need to doubt the absoluteness and certainty of it. Even one prominent philosopher Rudolf Carnap commented that science is capable of finding all the answers to all the questions. The reason that such statements and views exist is because without suspicion the natural science accomplished the most remarkable successes. Furthermore, it’s been in charge of the significant development of knowledge throughout the history and until now. For example, several scientists discovered the mysteries of our body such as how digestion occurs, how blood flows in the heart and functions and structures of organs by dissecting the real human bodies and analyzing through information obtained from equipments. As it is already proved by several methods and works in practical world such as medical science, we admit the natural science as truth and there is no place for doubt to stand. If we start to doubt all these knowledge, it will not conduce to...
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