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“The possession of … (IB copyright prevents the full question)

January 22, 2013

Name: First name Family name (001111-111)

School: School name

Words: Add word count that must be 1200 – 1600

Print this template, and then use it by replacing the text in the template by your own. When you paste your text into this template choose the option ‘keep text only’, this way the formatting will remain correct. In the introduction you should mention assumption(s) of the topic. Challenge them as this shows you are thinking critically and independently. Write a thesis statement or mention, which issues you will explore and provide a short overview of which ideas you will discuss in your essay. Avoid dictionary definitions; rather focus immediately to knowledge issues (some which you have identified by challenging the assumptions of the topic).

Remember to leave a space between each paragraph. In this paragraph take an example from an area of knowledge. Show how it supports your thesis. Discuss an area of knowledge but make it specific. Instead of talking about science in general, talk about a particular scientific theory or discovery. Remember to discuss counter-arguments i.e. what in what way this example may not provide comprehensive support to your argument.

In this paragraph take an example from another area of knowledge, and do the same as above.

In this paragraph discuss some of your personal experience and how they link to the topic. Try to keep personal voice throughout the essay.

In next few paragraphs discuss how some ways of knowing (perception, reason, language, emotion) are linked to your topic. Tell how these ways of knowing affect what kind of knowledge we gain and reliability of knowledge.

Remember to consider counter arguments. Do not only try to prove your thesis by providing supporting evidence but also discuss also conflicting evidence and arguments against your thesis.

Add some personal reflection. Show how in...

Bibliography: Smith, J. 1995, What is Knowledge, Oxford University Press, London.
van de Lagemaat, R. 2005, Theory of Knowledge for IB Diploma, Cambridge University Press, London.
[This is the Harvard style bibliography. Remember it has to be in the alphabetical order]
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