Toilet Speech

Topics: Toilet, Flush toilet, Toilets in Japan Pages: 3 (1328 words) Published: April 13, 2013
When you feel your bladder clenching and turning you know instantly that it’s time for a toilet stop. But when you are doing your business have you ever wondered how the toilet was even invented? Probably not as if you lose focus you’ll probably miss your target hole. The invention of the flushable toilet changed the world significantly helping the environment and also improves the efficiency of us going to take a dump. Although many of you do not even give a thought about the great history of the toilet but I will fascinate you with these extraordinary facts and ideas. The word ‘crap’ came from the false inventor Sir Thomas Crapper who was the one who claimed to have invented the toilet, but he did not as he was the one who invested and sold them. Nonetheless toilets have become an important stop for our lives, without it I don’t know where it will be private enough for me. The toilet’s journey started off as the toilet bowl which people did their thing and then threw the waste into the local river or steam. Soon the first flushable toilet came into existence, so about 2800 years ago a King in Crete named Mino was the first recorded person to have used a flushable toilet. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for him he did not make a copyright law that’s why we still can use this kind of toilet. If he did copyright his toilet, then probably the whole world will be dumping crap on him now I mean 2800 years ago. The first ‘flush toilet’ was given credit to Sir Thomas Crapper, by his name we all can see where the word ‘crap’ came from. The thing is that he was not the one to invent the first flush toilet in 1800, but a guy called Sir John Harrington who invented the flush toilet in 1595 for Queen Elizabeth I. She was so fascinated with the new device that she ordered them in all her rooms. This was the ‘real’ first flush toilet that now we use after numerous amounts of improvements and modifications. Sir Thomas Crapper was a successful plumber who used the ‘flush...
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