Toilet Facilities in All Schools

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Toilet Facilities in All Schools


Toilet Facilities in All Schools

Encourage and contribute to developing the necessary partnership between the state of Maharashtra and the Government of India’s programmes to establish toilet facilities in all schools. The Indian government has launched a focused campaign to increase the households in the country that have toilets by 2010. Additionally, we will target the urgent need for separate toilets for boys and girls, together with a hand-washing facility in every school in Maharashtra.

Name: Toilet Facilities in all Schools
Theme: Region and Country: Maharashtra, India
Partners: Beneficiaries:
Funding Need: Budget:
Duration: Contact:

Programme Activities:
Each year two million children die from diarrhoeal diseases, making it the second most serious killer of children under the age of five. The main source of diarrhoeal infection is human excreta. It seems clear therefore, that human excreta should be managed as a potentially dangerous material. The construction of latrines is a relatively simple technology that may be used to control the spread of infectious diseases. Studies have shown that latrine coverage has to reach 90% of a population to have an impact on community health. In Maharashtra, 85% of rural households and 54% of all households have no access at all to a toilet facility.

While the Indian government is making great strides in the availability of toilets, this programme looks to increase advocacy and education necessary to convince people to use the toilets, and to create separate male and female toilets in schools together with hand-washing facilities.

It is important to gain political support and government commitment to the programme. A mix of mass media and interpersonal communication is the best way to deliver the key programme messages. Demonstration sites for the selected technologies are important, as is the training of local people in operation and maintenance methods. It is also necessary to provide reasonable funding options and incentives to make the technology affordable.

Intended Results:
Latrine facilities, separate for boys and girls, with a hand-washing facility will be established in all schools. A latrine promotion programme will teach students and the local people about why and how to use the latrines through community involvement, radio messages, and other social marketing strategies. The construction of this latrine system in schools will be used to control the spread of infectious diseases, and promote toilet usage at a young age to school children to convey proper usage and knowledge at home.

Programme Management and Implementation:
This programme has numerous phases of implementation.

Background Data:

The first step is to become familiar with the local area and school systems. The acceptance of latrines varies from culture to culture and it is important to understand where the areas of potential resistance lie so as to direct promotion efforts efficiently. Conducting interviews can help to determine users likes and dislikes as well as identify current hygiene practices. This information is essential to the planning of a sanitation promotion program that will match the customs and attitudes of the users.

Planning Phase:
The information gathered during the background study of the local people can be used to plan a custom tailored sanitation promotion program. The initial planning phase should consist of selection of the key messages to be promoted and a matching appropriate technology. The key messages need to be based on existing ideas, because it is much harder to introduce radical or rapid changes in a population. The core ideas should be kept simple and to the point. It is easiest for people to grasp a few straightforward ideas, rather than a long list of suggested improvements. The type of...
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