Toilet Cleaners Contribute the Most to Society

Topics: Value, Hygiene, Value theory Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Good morning to the examiners and all candidates. Human should be treating each other’s respectively immaterial types of jobs they contribute to society. Among the entire services field that’s provided, I would like to say that toilet cleaners are the most contribution to society. First and foremost, toilet cleaners are the people who keep cleaning the toilets or gens clean and good looking after everyone usage. To ensure the toilets condition clean and available to be using all the time, toilet cleansers bound to act in full commitment and responsible to carry out their task. Besides that, sometimes this category of workers is also facing some problems on people looking down on them. Thus, it is their must to stay calm and patient to fulfill their task. Indirectly, the contribution also comes to society in sense of toilet cleansers showing him or her personal moral value on the dairy roles that’s being learned and respectful by the society itself. Secondly, a person who works as toilet cleaner is less salary even though they work hard. Their contributions are unlimited however the salaries are fixed. Furthermore, we can’t make sure the number of times they need to perform their cleaning per day. Thus, their contribution is so unforeseeable. Moreover, no matter how’s good the facilities on toilets provided, it is useless if without a toilet cleaner to perform the cleaning job. As to say, people, visitors or customers will feel reluctant visiting a venue that’s dirty and stinky and will causing lose of popularities and revenue. Thirdly, toilet cleansers are those who work hard in behind without notice of others to benefit many aspects. For example, toilet cleansers also keep good image of a company, organization or corporation when the time people visiting their building. Thus, toilet nowadays also becomes part of crucial element within the hospitality management field. With or without our notice, toilets always provided all the tools that necessary for us to...
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