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Topics: Science, Experiment, Louis Pasteur Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Both the reading and listening discusses about animal testing. Whilst the reading mentions the advantages, such as reducing pain, discovery of variety modern medicines, as well as the beneficial affects due to the lack of substitution, the listening states the disadvantages. For instance, the absence of effectiveness tested on animals, diversity of substitution along with mistreated animals. The passage includes information about the hygiene and suffering to a minimum. Animal researchers use anesthesia when experimenting on animals to decrease the pain towards the animal, as well as keeping the animals clean, comfortable and healthy. Thus, the possibility of testing on animals without inflicting harmful actions is high. The lecturer states that she has witnessed animals in laboratories being treated inhumanely. Animals are constantly tested with diseases and toxic chemicals; along with routinely being abused by the experimenters This means that animals are not particularly treated well, compared to what experimenters discloses. Secondly, the author states that animal testing has been used to find test medicines and has been scientifically shown that this method is effective. Animal testing is significantly favorable due t the existence of modern medicines, such as the germ theory. The germ theory was proven by Louis Pasteur experimenting on chickens and pigs, additionally other farm animals. The effectiveness of medicines was tested on animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and mice. For instance, efficiency of penicillin was tested on animals, as well as the efficiency of insulin which was to treat diabetes; these medicines have been beneficial and convenient for humans’ uses. The listening argues by mentioning that drugs and medicines could be discovered without the use of animal testing such as Meniere used to treat Quinine. Besides, some drugs and medicines do not create an effect on animals, such as pain killers. Pain killers might reduce pain for human,...
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