Toefl Essay

Topics: Learning, Vladimir Lenin, Social class, Knowledge / Pages: 2 (329 words) / Published: Jan 5th, 2013
Name: Phan Thị Thanh Thảo
Vladimir I. Lenin claimed that “learn, learn more, learn forever”, that show us how importance of learning our whole lifetime. Knowledge is not inborn but experienced, not uncharged but keep-up-date, and not easy but hard to earn.Therefore, there needs to be some important characteristics that help students to become successful. In my opinion, the most important characteristic that a successful must have is motivated, which they have passion for achieving goals and succeed in life.
A motivated student sets study and achievements goal and makes doing well, achieving goals a high priority.They fight with themselves for getting higher grades and tried to improve their work. To overcome obtacles, they are challenging and positive towards there goal. They also found different paths while achieving their goal. By struggling and hard-working helped them to define their arm, so they easily move forward. They specially believe in them, they push themselves that they can do everything. They always encourage themselves, if in case there are losing their path. They are also independent in their thoughts and taking decisions.
Furthermore, a motivated student will be responsible for their own studying. They will attend their classes on time and not to miss even a single class. In case of any problem or question regarding to their assignments, they consult with their instuctors to discuss about the issue they have. They also pay attention to the lessons and remain attentive in class. They will meet deadlines and present their work with strong information and ideas and reasonable arrangement. Moreover, they will be active in community, not only a bookworm but also a communicative skillful person in life, to make their knowledge becomes practical.
In conclusion, if they have their passion for working and be responsible for their future, they must be motivated students and they will be successful. As they set goals and go for them and know

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