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International Relations Final Review Sheet

a. Drawing from class resources, discuss why or how women’s rights are human rights, and are important on a global level. Select 2 issues to discuss. You might start with Secretary Clinton’s speech at the UN, for example. Bring in evidence and examples to support your points. Finally, discuss solutions to these issues that affect women’s wellbeing (e.g. UN Res. 1325; Muhammad Yunus’ micro credit; UN or NGO programs or others). Secretary Clinton’s speech at the UN

Women development has been able to help global issues.
Women are the source of economical, social and educational growth: they are the farmer’s for their families and teach their children the basics of education such as math and their native language. Women are also the targets of violence. They are victims of rape and human trafficking, depriving their basic human rights. Resolutions for Issues: from UN Res 1325

There should be full international human rights laws that protect the rights of women and girls during and after conflicts. Creating parties that ensure mind clearance and mind awareness programs for special needs of women and girls. Peace talks about gender perspective.

Institutionally arrangements to guarantee protection for women and girls and promotion of international peace and security. Representation of women in national, regional and international institutions. Take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence: violence, rape, and sexual abuse. Prosecuting all the violations of crimes against humanities including sexual and other violence against women. Issue #1

In no society, women are treated equality to men.
From childhood through adulthood women are abused because of their gender. Gender abuse: Human rights are looking for ways to readdress gender abuse. Feminists define human rights abuse to include the degradation and violation of women. Equality must be more addressed in traditional approach of human rights and should take practice in human rights and give women better lives. Abortions: Are used for sex selections; females fetuses abortion rates are higher than male (99% in Bombay). In China, more males are born. Childhood: Girls are fed less, breast fed for a shorter period of time and taken to the doctors less frequently than boys. Morality rate of girls is aged 1 to 4 is higher than boys in 43 out of 45 developing countries. 90 million women are missing due to sex discrimination; malnourishment, starvation, neglect of health resources/problems and dowry deaths. Female subordination is often viewed as inevitable or normal. Women are denied the same standards of men.

Less access to education, food, health care; as adults less options for education and training. Work longer hours for lower incomes. Have few property rights. In Indonesia, female workers are harassed and sexually abused by their employees; their wages are withheld for months. In Philippines, women are paid less, have fewer benefits and security then men. The women are also given the choice to “lie down or lay off” by their managers.

Issue #2: Violence

Women are abused in front of their family, at home, in public and the workplace. Violence is primarily human security concern for women.
Violence limits women’s exercise of human rights and full citizenship and participation in development. Women’s lives are often unsecured.
Violence against women at home or in a public place is a violation to human rights. Rape occurs every six seconds and domestic battery is the single significant cause of injury to women. One in four women in industrialized regions have been hit by their pattern. Violence cuts across borders - classes, races and ethnic groups. Abuse escalates in serious injuries or death.

In many countries, violence is often viewed as normal or cultural matter. Violence is what shows the limited...
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