Today’s Young People Are Facing Challenges No Other Generation Has Faced in an over Sexualised Society

Topics: Mass media, Childhood, Sexualization Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The Statement saying that ‘Today’s young people are facing challenges no other generation has faced in an over sexualised society’ is an interesting one. I personally believe that today our generation is faced with a sexualised society but to say that it is ‘over’ sexualised and an experience that no other generation has faced is not something I support. Today’s generation is faced with a sexualised society but I don’t think it is a bad thing. If the generation is exposed to this sexualisation at a young age and we have parents that are there to guide us in terms of what we think of this sexualisation and how we will act on this sexualisation then I do not see the problem. For example with clothing, there is a wide variety of clothing available to today’s society that is portraying a message of sexualisation.....this itself is a problem but if the young children see/want/wear this clothing then I believe it is up to the parents to guide the children onto the right path of understanding what message is being said when these clothes are worn and why the clothing is not appropriate at their age; by the time these young children have grown up and understand fully what the clothing portrays then it is up to their personal opinion to have a say in how they want to display themselves to society. The following girls have the ability to criticize and evaluate the sexualisation in today’s society; this also carries a point of how disgusted the images make them feel but being able to critique the topic does not mean it has no impact. “So many young people find things such as sexy dancing and dressing provocatively, now completely acceptable, yet are completely unaware of some of the risks this behaviour can come with, especially when it is shown over the internet. I strongly believe this is due to the portrayal of celebrities in the media. I think many young females feel that if a celebrity can dress or act in a sexualised way in front of millions of people in the media,...
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