Tobacco Smoking and Town Meeting Place

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Smoking, Cancer Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Persuasive Essay on Smoking

I think smoking should be prohibited in all public places. It is a unhealthy habit, which should be immediately banned. Smoking should only be allowed on personal property and land. There have been numerous reports, linking cigarette smoking to heart disease; lung disease; cancers of the lung, mouth, and other tissues; and other ailments. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemical substances, many of which have been linked to the development of diseases. Chemical substances occur in cigarette smoke as gases or as particals. Many places in which smoking should be banned are in pubs, clubs and working places.

Pubs are very important places for people in communities, especially small communities. It is a place for people to socialize and be entertained. In some communities the pub is the town meeting place for the locals. There are no non-smoking pubs and very few non-smoking front bars. Although the eating areas in pubs are non-smoking sometimes there is so much smoke it drifts everywhere. Smoking in pubs is a hazard to non-smokers and the workers. It is unhealthy and not fair on the people that don’t smoke and want to have a good time. These days smoking is a popular craze in pubs but should be quickly stopped.

Clubs are another place you would avoid if you felt strongly about smoke. Cigarette's contain health-damaging particles and are a health hazard to many. Clubs are meant for dancing, socializing and having a good time. Many non-smokers are put off clubs due to the fact of there is too much smoke. Smoking is the leading cause of life-threatening diseases and should be done away from public places. More young people go to clubs and it is a bad habit for them to be breathing in smoke. One of the most dangerous things is passive smoking and in clubs this is what non-smokers are doing.

There should definitely be no smoking in work places, even if it’s out the back of the work places. Smoke has a very unpleasant smell...
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