Tobacco Laws in Australia.

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Tobacco laws and policies have changed in concerns to the use and promotion of products in NSW since 1995 in a lot of ways! The packaging of a cigarettes box was just the smoke brand, advertising at sporting events was allowed and you could smoke anywhere back then but now the look of the smoke box is being questioned by parliament, promoting smoking is not permitted by law and you can only smoke in a handful of public venues. Packaging

Back in the 90’s the cigarette box used to just have the logo of the tobacco company printed on it, and the government was noticing people getting sick, so improved health warnings on cigarette boxes were established in March 1994, and took effect on the 1st of January 1995 and were to be seen in most retail outlets by about March 1995. All the packets with the old warnings were to be completely wiped out and replaced with all new ones, which took about a year. The cigarette box has been the same since 1995, but with new and improved warnings and the government noticed that thousands of people were dying from tobacco use and so, right at this moment, the government are trying to change the package of the cigarette packet.

Advertising to smoke is illegal nowadays but if you look back at old football & cricket games there was advertising everywhere, and even Formula 1 cars were sponsored by a tobacco companies. This law/policy has changed because smoking is becoming more popular internationally (which was probably because most people that smoke now started when all the advertising was allowed) which means that they took notice of the advertisements they saw when they were younger and have been addicted to cigarettes. A number of educational reviews have shown that advertising tobacco held an encouraging attitude towards the use of tobacco on many teenagers back then, and don’t want the advertising of tobacco to be banned because there isn’t enough evidence to validate the banning of tobacco advertising. But I...
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